If you want to understand how the world sees women:

Watch these videos. Warning – they are horrific portrayals disguised as “art exhibits” of an animatronic “woman”. She is clearly following the “sexbot” stereotype, but has the added feature of a grotesque mask. Her body is covered with dirt. She grinds her hips and says things like “touch is love”.

It is the confluence of the trans-humanist and trans-gender movement that I have written about elsewhere. The bigger picture is I feel much more frightening, one where women are increasingly framed as unnecessary accessories who can be replaced with machines, and males can embody all of the components that society defines as “female”.

be afraid.

Full view of “body” dancing

Close up of “face”


“Philosophy of Rape” site argues that “whores and feminazis need to be put in their place through rape,” offers tips to aspiring rapists

I just can’t.

we hunted the mammoth


Last year, I wrote about a repellant little “community” on Reddit: the PhilosophyofRape subreddit, devoted to promoting what it called the corrective rape of “filthy, unmitigated, sluts … [t]hat badly need to be punished. Badly.”

Reddit being what it is, the subreddit remains up to this day. And now the folks behind it have taken their repugnant “philosophy” to the web. Earlier this week, one of the subreddit’s numerous moderators, a veritable cauldron of bigotries who calls himself European88, announced the grand opening of a new Philosophy of Rape website. He urged his fellow “philosophers” to “[s]ubscribe and submit your rape tips … !” 

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MGTOWs are planning to take over Puerto Rico and start their own lady-hating country there. No, really.

Know your enemy.

we hunted the mammoth

Starting your own country on an island? Simpsons did it. (But with girls.)

Over on A Voice for Men, a Man Going His Own Way named Frank Worley has unveiled a most immodest proposal: turning Puerto Rico, or at least a giant chunk of it, into a MGTOW nation. Yes, he’s serious. Also, an idiot.

As Worley sees it,

Women have used democracy to pressure our gutless politicians into surrendering our constitution, personal liberty and any semblance of due process. … Nothing male is sacred or protected. 

Instead of trying to organize politically to fight the evil dispossession of men — who control only 80% of congressional seats in the United States — Worley wants to rip it up and start again. 

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QotD: “#FreetheNipple or #FreeMaleDesire? Has social media really been good for feminism?”

World’s greatest con: getting women to agree to objectify themselves for male dominance.

Anti-Porn Feminists

The #FreetheNipple campaign, for example, clearly illustrates the type of feminism that is able to flourish on social media platforms. Free the Nipple claims to be “an equality movement, and a mission to empower women across the world.” It calls for a “more balanced system of censorship and legal rights for all women to breastfeed in public.” This, certainly, is a good thing. But the campaign now seems to be less about a woman’s right to breastfeed and more about a woman’s right to post a topless selfie.

By comparison, feminist activism that offers revolutionary ideas and issues a strong challenge to dominant cultural norms appears to be severely lacking on social media platforms. During the second wave, feminists deeply questioned personal life politics in order to formulate their political theory. Women made connections between issues, and remained resolute that emancipation on male terms was not enough. It was always…

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Over. It.

The mainstream silences women, yet again. Sometimes we refuse to BE silenced. Brava, Hypotaxis!


This shit is getting really old. Like, seriously.

So anyway, the Huffington Post, a piece of shit online rag that when they’re not publishing articles like “Fifty Babies Who Just Can’t With This Lemur” and “Forty-six soup recipes to try before you die” (or is that Buzzfeed? Same difference), gives a platform to males who hate lesbians.

The most recent addition to the Huffington Post’s catalog of lesbophobic nonsense, written by a person named Dana Beyer, is “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Lesbian Trans Exclusion Gets Noticed.”

Bet you’ll NEVER EVER GUESS what this article is about! (Hint: it’s not about leaving lesbians the fuck alone.)

**Seriously, this shit is starting to make me want to take drugs. Hard drugs. Keith-Richards-With-A-Death-Wish drug consumption.***

So this piece of journalism (do I smell a Peabody for HuffPo???) begins where all such bullshit begins – with MichFest, and how low-down and mean the…

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The Dregs

One of the many, many reasons we women fight the good fight. The only fight worth our time and energy. The fight to end male dominance.


Let me just start with a simple conceit: women are awesome. Seriously. They endure so much shit in life, they take so much flack, and still manage to be funny and kind and generous.

Not that this comes as a shock to anyone, but I prefer the company of women. Women are infinitely more interesting to me than males, they don’t make me fear for my safety, and they don’t fuck with my boundaries. The people who have brought me the most joy, who have most improved my life have always been women, and so I think, without reservation, women are fucking awesome.

I have a particular affinity, fondness, however you want to put it, for intelligent women, for women who don’t take any shit, and who don’t base their lives around men’s feelings. And men are ALWAYS getting their feelings hurt – even those men who think they are…

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Narrating female oppression, or, Does it matter whether Harriet Capon was trans?

One of the best analyses of the problematic “cis” I have encountered. Well done! And thank you…so very much, glosswatch.


This morning @FeministPics tweeted a newspaper report on the fascinating story of Harriet Capon, who spent two years presenting as a boy. When asked to explain herself, Capon claimed her motivations were economic:

I am one of a family of six. My mother, I regret to say, is in very precarious health, and about two years ago I started thinking seriously about how I could add to the household income to the best advantage. Of course everyone knows that a man can make more money than a woman in industrial employment. I cogitated for a long time, and finally I decided to become a ‘man’.

All of this took place a century ago. There was no Equal Pay Act, no anti-sexual harassment legislation, no maternity leave, none of the safety nets for which feminists have fought long and hard. Capon’s assumption – that if one wanted to make money in…

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